Google Ads Management for Small Businesses

Google Ads Services for Small Businesses

Broadway Digital Agency is a Google advertising agency for small businesses and startups. Generate more leads by advertising on the largest search engine in the world. Advertising on Google will help your small business compete with the large competitors.

Google Ad Services

Google Search Ads Management

There are billions of Google searches per day. Google Search Network allows you to get in front of your ideal customer that is actively searching for your products or services. Reach your next ideal customer with highly targeted campaigns. Here is just how targeted we can be:

Google Advertising Services_Keyword Targeting

Keyword Targeting

On Google Search Network you can instantly appear at the top of the search results for keywords related to your products or services. Not only can you decide which search queries you want to appear for, you can also control which keywords you do not want to appear for.

Google Advertising Services_Geo-Targeting


Only serve ads in the places that matter. Granular targeting will ensure you do not waste advertising spend in cities you do not serve. Location targeting can be as broad as the entire country or as specific a one-mile radius around any point on the map.

Google Advertising Services_In Market Segments

In-Market Audiences

Advertise to people who are actively searching for and considering produces and services like yours. By targeting in-market audiences, you will reach those that are already considering buying and ready to take action.

Demographic Targeting

Target searchers that fit your ideal customer profile. With demographic targeting options you can find more people that are similar to your ideal client. There are a variety of demographic datapoint that can be targeted. This includes age, gender, household income, and more!

Google Display Ads Management

Generate more awareness and catch the attention of your next customers with creative display banner ads. Not only can you search creative ads on Google, but you can also reach people that are actively on other sites across the web. Google Display Ads can also be very targeted.

Google Advertising Services_Interests Targeting


Target people that show active interest or are currently researching defined topics. This allows you to only appear to an audience that will be interested in your products and services. Interest targeting can include topics such as real estate, healthcare, home improvement, and more!

Location-Based Targeting

Don’t waste advertising spend on internet users outside of your service area. Target the geographic areas that matter most to your business. Targeted locations can be as broad or as specific as you need. Targeting options include by country, state, county, city, or as small as a mile radius.

Google Advertising Services_Target By Demographic


Your ads will only appear for those that fit your ideal demographic. There are a variety of demographic targeting options including age, gender, household income, and more!

Why Use Google Ads Services for Your Business

Reach More of the Right People

Your next customer is searching for your products and services. Highly targeted Google Ads gets your brand in front of the right audience when they are ready to buy. Whether your ideal customer is searching on Google or browsing other partner sites we can reach them!

Measurable Results

See the results of your ads in real time. See key metrics like impressions, clicks, calls generated, leads generated and more! These metrics among many others will allow continuous optimization and improved performance over time.

Most People Search on Google

Google is the most used search engine in the world. Over 90% of internet searches are on Google. Advertising on the largest search engine will allow you to reach more customers and maximize your brand’s exposure.

Return on Your Investment

With Google you are in control of your spend and only pay for results. You only pay for ads when users click the ad. This means no more wasted spend on impressions that do not lead to action! In addition to controlled spend, extensive testing and tracking give actionable insights that lead to continuously improved ROI.

Why Broadway Digital Agency


High performing Google Ad campaigns can be complex and time consuming. Our team brings experience that makes the complex simple for your business.

We Are Google Advertising Experts

We have years of experience managing Google campaigns for small businesses.

A True Partner

Broadway Digital Agency is a true partner. We work closely with your business to achieve your digital marketing goals.

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